Below are some links where I spend a lot of my time online as well as some other smaller projects I've done.

  • Here's where you can find me hanging out socially on the web, talking about stuff from the sublime to the ridiculous: Ramblekraft.

  • My requisite blog. The theme is life in Quebec through the eyes of an anglophone from the west trying to become bilingual. May include general political rants as well.

  • I am part of a group of people trying to read at least 50 books a year. Some of us succeed, some fail. The point is to share what we are reading.

  • The greatest campaign ever: Astoria!

  • This is a database I designed in 2000 when I was really getting into Filemaker. It's a little tool that recommends movies for you to rent. The data comes from a group of friends and you can add to it with your own friend's recommendations. Unfortunately, you can only use it if you have Filemaker Pro installed. I'm going to make it a standalone app when I can get my hands on the software.
    Download the Saturday Night Movie Picker! (136K .zip file)


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