Golden! Spring! I hope you are all appreciating what you’ve got out there. I heard the mountains were baking hot. I want to apologize again for the obscurity of the movies I’ve been choosing. I know they are hard if not impossible for you to acquire. I hope that at the very least, it’s a fun read, but maybe some of you will be inspired to dig up some of the lesser-known but great movies the next time you’re in the big smoke. Really the reason I’m doing it is because I’m like a kid in the candy store here. Having grown up in the cultural wasteland that was Nanaimo in the ‘80s, I’m not going to waste my opportunities to see cool stuff. But just to put it all into perspective, you can neither buy nor rent Fubar anywhere in New York City. Just another example of the slow but definite collapse of the American empire. Anyways, this week’s movies are particularly obscure. Enjoy!

Amores Perros

Okay, this one isn’t that obscure. It was an art-house success and sort of heralded a new, modern form of Mexican filmmaking. It’s definitely modern, with a lot of editing and camera angles and interwoven, unrelated storylines. It’s also scattered and a little unsatisfying. It has some cool moments and it really is worthwhile seeing the people and places of Mexico City, but overall I don’t think it lived up to its hype.

2 out of 5 yams

Human Traffic

This is a british neo-modern rave movie that’s a lot of fun. It’s about a group of partiers in London. It has good music, fun drug cinematography and some cool characters. It collapses a bit into BBC soap opera constructions and acting, but overall it’s very entertaining. This is a definite yammer, for sure, eh.

3 out of 5 yams

Mildred Pierce

This is a classic film noir from 1945 starring Joan Crawford. She starts out as the obvious murderer and we’re all so trained to hate her from Mommy Dearest that it takes a while to realize that 1) Joan Crawford was a really good actress and 2) her spoiled daughter is the evil one in the movie. It’s a lesson about giving your children too much and making them think they are all high-falutin’ and classy. I found it ultimately, a little bit soft (I like my noir tough), but it’s never boring.

3 out of 5 yams

Monsoon Wedding

Every now and then I drop some knowledge on you male suckers out there. Here is another tidbit so pay attention. If you are single, dance at parties. If you have a girlfriend, rent Monsoon Wedding and watch it with her. It’s a light, but effective romance about an Indian family surrounding the wedding of their oldest daughter. It looks beautiful and has great music. The plot is engaging and those of you with y-chromosomes will not be bored while your significant others will think you are romantic and sensitive. Personally, I could have gone deeper and slower with the romance. But that’s just my style.

3.5 out of 5 yams


I just went from the beginning to the end of the UK dvd section of my local video store and found this movie. It’s based on a gritty British police tv series from the ‘70s. The Sweeney is the name for a special unit in New Scotland Yard. Special seems to mean they can do anything they want. Their method of intercepting a gang of armed robbers is to put on a bunch of padding under their clothes and just go beat the crap out of them. Ah, England! This is the kind of movie where every woman is either a stewardess or a high-class call girl. Their are sheiks and cabinet ministers and super groovy music and clothes. No punches are pulled and the whole thing revolves around a vast oil conspiracy. If you can find this, yam it up and watch it. You will be entertained.

3.5 out of 5 yams

Le Mans

If you like competitive driving, then this movie was made for you. It’s basically the 1970 LeMans road race, which is a 24 hour race in France. I had never heard of it before this movie, but it sure seemed cool in 1970. There is a plot tacked on, but you don’t have to even bother with it. It’s more about the visuals and the world of the race. A lot of times you can’t even hear the dialogue of the actors because the cars are so loud. There are some spectacular crash scenes and great driving perspectives. The sound is also really loud and realistic. It may be boring if driving isn’t your thing. Otherwise, you should be pretty psyched.

3 out of 5 yams

Sweeney 2

Actually, the Sweeney dvd comes with it’s sequel as well, so I got two for the price of one. I hadn’t planned on watching this one, but the first was so entertaining that I had to give it a whirl. The sexual politics are a bit less agressive here and the plot is more mundane, having to do with a bunch of bank robberies. But it has lots of action and great politically incorrect dialogue. If you ever find this dvd to rent, you might as well watch both.

3 out of 5 yams

A Mighty Wind

This should have arrived in Calgary already if my sources are correct. Every Canadian should attend this movie just to remind themselves how brilliant Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are. It’s about a reunion of folk singers and it walks a thin line between cruelty and sympathy that can be excruciating. It’s pretty funny, but also moving and could be the most narratively-satisfying (can I say that?) of the Christopher Guest fake documentaries, all of which (Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show) you must see.

4 out of 5 yams

But for Jeebus’ sake people! Get out of the house and enjoy the weather. Watch all movies at 4 in the morning or something. Conan out.