The Force Movie Reviews

Beautiful Golden B.C. has a small core of local hupsters who do things like run coffee shops, form bands, open naturopathic practices. One of them started a small monthly black & white magazine dedicated to the local scene and entertainment. She gave me an opportunity to write movie reviews, which I did for a couple issues.

Golden has a uniplex and a couple of movie rental places with a standard selection. I tried to find movies that people could get locally, but eventually (because I was in NYC for a lot of the time) I just started reviewing the movies that I'd rented recently. I had been hoping to see current movies in New York and send advanced reviews to the Force (because the uniplex gets the movies a month or two after their general release date), but all the current movies were so shitty that I gave up on that idea.

Anyways, I've archived them below for my reference and your amusement.



  Survivor Island

  Hit Teacher


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