Survivor Island

(9/2005) Survivor Island came out of my deep annoyance (really that's putting it mildly; rage is more like it) at the Survivor "reality" television series. Its real catalyst was my friend Julio who, when the show first came out, said, "Man, if they put me on that island, I'd immediately kill all the men, including the crew and then take all the women and build myself a compound."

I started to write that kind of book, but as usual realism kept creeping in and it ended up being a gripping, tough thriller about a reality tv show like Survivor, except that one of the contestants is a special ops-trained psychopath who does start to kill everybody, inluding the crew. The plot is more complex than that and ultimately, I hope, strips bare the greed and moral softness at the core of a society whose members thrill in watching each other "survive" while real humans starve on the streets outside their house.

Survivor Island exists only in rough draft form. It's just under 300 pages hand-written. I haven't actually read it yet, so it could really be bad, but I had a great time writing it and it has tons of ass-kicking in it. I'm going to read it and do the first re-write in summer 2008 unless you're an agent and you think it has promise. Then email me and I'll start typing it up tomorrow!



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