My Quick Life

Sometimes in my life, I've avoided taking the adventurous path. At other times I have chosen it. I have some regrets, but for the most part I'm happy with the range of experience I've had in my life so far (though perhaps not with the depth). Over the years, especially during my 20's, I wrote down many of the anecdotes that happened to me. I have a plan to someday write a collection of these stories under the title "My Quick Life". I would like to actually have some fiction published before I write something so personal and self-involved so I've just been collecting it.

But there is some funny shit in here and I think you may find it interesting to read so I'm posting three small samples. The first is just a short piece about new year's eve 1989 whose intensity may have faded a bit with time. The second is the sequel which took place the next day and still cracks me up. The third is part of my experiences at Western Books, a company that distributed remainder books in the Bay Area and my first legally incorporated employer.

I hope you find them entertaining.



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