The Pointe

This short crime story is an homage to my favorite series of books, the Parker crime novels written from 1962 to 1974 by Donald E Westlake writing as Richard Stark. Westlake is a great and succesful writer, but the Parker series just crushes. They are cold, violent and efficient and utterly anti-establishment. Parker is a professional thief who lives for the job.

To my mind, this stuff is as fundamental as Hammett to the american literary mythos of the underworld. Westlake started the series up again a few years ago, but they aren't anywhere near as focused as the first 15 books, starting with The Hunter and ending with Butcher's Moon.

Anyways, a younger, hipper character named Stan Devers shows up from time to time, working with Parker on a couple of jobs. I'm not worthy of writing anything with Parker in it, so I used Devers to pull a heist that seemed a possibility in a job I had some years ago.

I just converted it into html from word so it's not formatted very elegantly, but if you've got nothing to do at work, take a look.



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