Matter is the first writing project of any length that I completed. I wrote it in the early '90s. A good friend of my family and successful Hollywood agent offered to help me to rewrite it. Her detailed and critical page-by-page rewriting assistance, which any aspiring screenwriter would kill for, was too much for my lazy ass and I dropped it. I felt (and still feel but have put it aside for practical reasons) resentment that I would have to rewrite anything with all the mediocre garbage that gets filmed.

Matter is a science-fiction, martial arts conspiracy action thriller. It's about a loner bike messenger in Manhattan who delivers a package containing powerful networking technology that will change the face of the world. Of course, he and the cute but nerdy programmer to whom he delivers the package, are pursued by a government agency led by a ruthless agent wielding a deadly laptop. Fortunately, the protagonist himself is an escaped orphan from another top-secret government project and can seriously kick ass. Nerds and punks fight the man on the streets, on rooftops and in cyberspace.

I'm sure there's tons of tightening up to do here, especially with the dialogue. But I still think the action is better than anything hollywood has produced and it's pretty romantic. Download it if you want to check it out (it's in word format).



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